2020 Campaign in a Pandemic Report


By Carol Freeman





  1. In asking about the Retiree Bulletin, Facebook, and Website, we found:

    1. 48 new people who would like to receive the Retiree Bulletin regularly. Most people on the list were already receiving it.

    2. People’s interest in Facebook varied greatly, though the Retiree Website with videos did perk some interest.

    3. A few people who have been receiving the Retiree Bulletin by US Mail gave us an email address to get the Bulletin right away. Others were willing to sit back, relax, and wait for the US Mail!


  1. Related to completing the Census, we found:

    1. 80%+ completed it online the day they got it.

    2. Others wanted to do it by mail and waited for the questionnaire.

    3. Only one person put it aside and did not see what the hurry was!


  1. Regarding the question of voting by mail in the August primary and November general election, we found:

    1. Everyone is willing to vote by mail this year to avoid a Wisconsin scene.

    2. Some people would like to keep options open for the future – give people the option of early voting, mail voting, or going to the polls.

What’s next?

We have a list of over 200 people who receive the Retiree Bulletin by US Mail.  We will call them next. Then we have the list of people who receive the Retiree Bulletin by email. After skipping the duplicates from the first list, there are about 600 people on this list to call. Then it might be time to get the phone list of all union retirees to work on voter registration, applying for a mail ballot, and getting out the vote.

To join in the fun of making these calls, contact Carol Freeman, freem013@umn.edu, or Martha Johnson, mmbigmurph@gmail.com.  We need your help.

Carol pic bookcase 2.jpg

Several State Retiree Council – AFL-CIO members have been making phones calls from home, surveying fellow retirees about several subjects.  This is the first 2020 Campaign action, chosen because it is considered the most possible in our “Stay Home” lives.

The first calling list includes Retiree Council Board members, 2018 volunteers, and people who have attended our events in the last year.  Most of the 143 retirees on the list have now been contacted. It has taken time to make these calls as many of them are long – and fun!!