By Carol Freeman, Election Work Coordinator

Here is what is happening now in the Retirees Labor 2022 campaign:

Retirees are making contact with other retirees: 
  1. We have phoned (or tried to phone) everyone who receives this Retiree Bulletin by US Mail.  If we do not have your phone number, you can send it to me at or call 612-250-7294.  We want your suggestions for the bulletin and for the upcoming campaign.  What is important to you?  What would you like to see us work on?
  2. We continue our calls to everyone who receives this Retiree Bulletin by email. [Please pick up your phone!]  If you do receive it by email, can you talk with other union retirees to ask whether they receive the newsletter?  If they do not, ask if we can add them to our list.  If yes, send me their contact information.
  3. We will soon contact people who are not registered to vote.  We want to be sure everyone knows how to register, and we want to be sure everyone knows what legislative and congressional districts they are in so they can study the candidates.
  4. We will also start sending post cards to people, perhaps to those who are not registered, and/or to those who are in targeted districts – the ones we must win to protect those things important to retirees and their families and friends.


You can let us know what you would like to help us with by calling me at 612-250-7294 or emailing me at


Help the Minnesota AFL-CIO Labor 2022 Campaign plan:

  1. In addition to the work we are doing to contact union retirees, we will work with the MN AFL-CIO to support any of their election efforts, whether phone banking or door knocking.  There will be a variety of ways to get involved. 

  2. Put yourself on our list of people to call to hook up with activities in your area.


Help Grow your Retiree Group:

The Retirees Labor 2022 Campaign is prepared to connect YOU and other retirees to grow or create groups of retirees – from your union and other unions – within your area.  Please let me know [Carol Freeman, Election Work Coordinator, 612-250-7294,] or let your union retiree group know you are interested.  Here are talking points for persuading your friends to come to meetings:


What would you do if you joined a group?

  1. Meet and socialize with old friends – and new friends

  2. Eat and drink together

  3. Learn more about issues that are important to you and other retirees

  4. Meet candidates for office from your area

  5. Help with campaign work (at your choice) such as post card writing, phoning, and assisting phoners or door knockers (only a sample)

Other Work: The Issues Platform Committee has been focused on preparing talking points on senior issues 

The issues include: 1) lowering the cost of prescription drugs, 2) paid family and medical leave (including caregivers), 3) pensions and inflation, 4) food insecurity – lower the eligibility for SNAP, 5) protecting volunteer driver mileage reimbursement from taxation, 6) increased wages for health care workers, and 6) increased reimbursement rates for long-term care.  If you would like to help with this research and writing work, let me or Louise Sundin,, 612-868-6042, know.

Thanks, Carol Freeman, Election Work Coordinator, MN State Retirees Council, AFL-CIO,, 612-250-7294