Energizing Labor 2020 Kickoff

Two hundred and sixteen union activists attended the “Stand Up and Fight Back” Labor 2020 Conference on February 6 and 7.  Forty-six participants were known retirees.  That’s over 20% of the attendees.  And it was a great conference (see report by Brother Bruce Yernberg).











It’s hard to report the “highlights” because it was all so exciting.  Among the most memorable presentations:  activists from organizing campaigns and work actions– union and not, including  reports from the Amazon workers in Shakopee and SEIU Healthcare on the Health Partners situation; review of Labor 2020 process, calendar and goals; and how to fight through divisive, dividing rhetoric (and reality) to create a winning message. 

Workshops included Common Sense Economics; Social Media Activism; Shop Floor Organizing; Legislative Battles: What We Can Accomplish in 2021; Good Jobs and a Healthy Environment; Union Member Candidate Program; Leadership and Activism: Increasing Local Union Power.   

The Retiree Council held two workshops: 1) Retiree Activism—Voter Registration and 2) Retiree Activism: Organizing Conversations. In the first workshop, about 40 attendees shared their ideas on the steps to take to register unregistered union retirees.

The second workshop led participants in creating their own conversations that led to a commitment from a fellow participant you had not met before to volunteer to help in the process of registering the unregistered. 

In the brainstorming about registration, breakout groups of Building Trades, Minneapolis Regional Retiree Council, AFSMCE, Machinists and Nurses identified the steps that their affiliate group would need to take to register their unregistered voters. 


For a report of the work these groups collectively did, contact Carol Freeman or Martha Johnson at the Retiree Council, 651 227 7647.  They can work with you, and taking the ideas of the brainstormers, we can create a plan to help your affiliate group register your unregistered retirees.