It's Caucus Time Again

By Board Member Mike Nelson


Tuesday February 1 is your opportunity to participate in your local, grass roots political party meeting (regardless of your party affiliation).  All of our major political parties will be holding their local precinct caucuses on this evening.

This is where you can be elected as a delegate to participate in the higher-level conventions, such as Senate District or County Conventions, and present your ideas/concerns about legislative or policy issues in the form of resolutions.

These meeting are generally held at the neighborhood level and attended by folks from your local community or neighborhood.  This is the real grass roots where all political processes begin in Minnesota.  You can find the location of your neighborhood caucus where your precinct will meet from the websites of the political parties or the Minnesota Secretary of State.

The resolutions presented at the caucus are often prepared by organizations community members belong to, such as educational groups, labor unions, affinity groups, etc.  Examples of resolutions may include issues such as Social Security; defense spending; international relations; community zoning; law enforcement; social issues; environmental issues and the list can go on & on.  Some parties require that resolutions be presented in writing and in a designated format so you may want to acquaint yourself with the specific rules for the caucus you’re attending.

Resolutions presented at caucuses can have far reaching consequences. The example I like to use is a resolution presented at a Minnesota caucus in International Falls in 1960 that ultimately resulted in the creation of the Peace Corps.

Caucuses are an important building block of the Minnesota political process and participation can be not only interesting but rewarding. 

Join your neighbors.  Caucus February 1 for the party of your choice.