Labor 2020 During a Pandemic and a National Crisis

By Carol Freeman

Labor 2020 wants big results November 3, 2020.  These are our goals:

  • US President – AFL-CIO General Board endorsed VP Joe Biden.

  • Re-elect Senator Tina Smith, MN AFL-CIO endorsed.

  • Increase the Congressional delegation that supports our issues by at least one. MN AFL-CIO endorsed: Dan Feehan, District 1; Angie Craig, District 2; Dean Phillips, District 3; Betty McCollum, District 4; Ilhan Omar, District 5; Collin Peterson, District 7. 

  • Keep the Minnesota House in the hands of people who support our issues.  MN AFL-CIO endorsement process underway.

  • Put the Minnesota Senate majority in the hands of people who support our issues.  MN AFL-CIO endorsement process underway.


Can we grow the number of retirees needed across Minnesota to meet our goals? What upcoming activities will help accomplish this?

  1. A regular Retiree Bulletin going out by email or by US Mail.

  2. A Campaign School designed for retirees.

  3. A digital ad program featuring union members and retirees. 

  4. Union and retiree websites, Facebook pages and other social media.


So, what important work can we retirees all do to have a successful election?

  1. Make phone calls. 

  2. Apply for ballots to vote by mail.

  3. Encourage everyone to register to vote, vote by mail or at the polls.

  4. Ask people to sign up for the Retiree Bulletin, MN AFL-CIO emails and text alerts (even if some cannot receive the last two themselves).

  5. Write postcards in targeted districts.

NOTE:  For retirees without technology, the materials needed to do any of these will get to the activist – to be picked up or sent out.


So, what important work can we retirees do if we have some technology?

  1. We can help organize a peer texting program.

  2. We can use our computer to do virtual phone banks.

  3. We can take part in social media programs and Facebook posting.


AND, if we do all this and get retirees to register to vote and to vote in high numbers, we will accomplish our goals – increased retiree activism and the election results identified at the top of this page!


Yes, we can do it.  What part can you play?  Contact Carol Freeman, 612-250-7294, or Martha Johnson, 218 820 7901.




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