Legislature Fails Seniors

By Bruce Yernberg
As one of Minnesota’s numerous seniors on a fixed income, I was encouraged that our State House of Representatives agreed to a bi-partisan framework that helps seniors survive. That was back in May.
In June the extremist Republican controlled Minnesota Senate decided that they weren’t interested in helping seniors and rejected the whole House bi-partisan budget. They rejected reducing state income tax on our social Security. They rejected property tax reduction for seniors living on a fixed income. The Senate Republicans walked away from much needed funding for pandemic strapped nursing homes. They did not fund an increase in health and human service money that helps seniors with their health care and staying in their own homes.
Most hypocritical was their denial of any increase in funding for public safety. It seems odd that the Republicans campaign on public safety but won’t fund it.
The phrase “All Politics is Local” doesn’t apply to Republicans in Minnesota. Our conservative Minnesota senate occupants are apparently controlled by their national leadership who has told them that holding power is more important than taking care of Minnesotans.