The party of “NO” has got to “GO”!!

From President Ken McInnis


The threat to our democracy and the intransigence posed by the whole republican party in their failure to work with democrats and independents to address the needs and concerns of the American people and Minnesotans should alarm you!!


The January 6, 2021, insurrection, led and encouraged by the former president. we have found out in the months since then the intent was the overthrowing our democracy and replacing it with some type of autocratic system!! It appears it was the kick-off. This all began with the “BIG LIE” that the election was stolen, when in fact the election was won by President Joe Biden!


Since then republican legislatures across the nation have passed laws to limit people’s ability to vote in elections. In every way they can dream of, so far, attempting to exclude People of Color, possibly American service members, elderly, disabled from having the ability to cast their ballot in elections, especially by their attacks on voting by mail.


Here in Minnesota Gazelka and Daubt weaved their minions to hurt Minnesotans and to embarrass the Governor. Sad to say the least! Governor Walz has done yeoman’s work on behalf of the people of Minnesota, especially the workers. Gazelka’s minions in the Senate rewarded his effort by firing Commissioner Leppink and more recently forcing MPCA Commissioner Bishop to resign! This type of penny-ante spitefulness has no place in Minnesota Politics!!


Be ready for 2022!! Legislative and Congressional District lines will be redrawn! Time to throw these imposters of representative government out and bring in people who will work together to better the lives of all Minnesotans!!


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