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Ready to Stand Up for the United States of America?

By President Ken McInnis


If you believe in a representative form of government that acts on behalf of the citizenry and the Constitution of the United States of America, WE NEED YOU TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!!


Attacks on the very fabric of our democratic republic continue by the would-be fascists, facilitated by the MAGA movement, emboldened by the January 6th seditious insurrection on our nation’s capital, furthered by a handpicked right-wing Supreme Court ready to overturn any laws which guarantee equality to all Americans regardless of gender, race, color or creed, and supported by the lies and mistruths of the former president and his minions in the ranks of Congress and his media partners!


As a matter of fact the “party of death”, the republicans as I call them, has managed to block needed legislation and to again derail the ability of government to function in its capacity to even the playing field between the rich and powerful and the other 99%. While they espouse from one side of their mouth that something needs to be done, they block legislation at the state and national level that would accomplish those needed changes while railing against the inability of government to deliver! This has been going on for over forty years as I see it.


To protect what we have, gain ground in our fight for social and economic justice and a secure, dignified retirement, we need a turn out in November larger than ever before. Our ranks of retirees swell every day at the rate of 10,000 per day. We need to work with our Labor endorsed candidates to ensure the party of “no” does not grab the controls of our state or national government.


Please be ready and join us as the Retiree Council works to elect our Labor endorsed candidates and secure a victory for ourselves, our fellow retirees and our brothers and sisters still actively at work. Carol Freeman, our Election Work Coordinator, will be working through our affiliates to facilitate their involvement.


It is critical that we talk with our family, friends, and fellow union members to urge them to register and vote, especially for Labor endorsed candidates who will work to further our desired goal of a secure and dignified retirement.


Here’s a link to a video. (  I believe it is worth your time to view it.


It’s not a time to be timid and think something will change without bold moves and initiatives. Our very democracy is at stake!!

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