2020 State Retiree Campaign Progress

by Carol Freeman

Election Work Coordinator


With less than a month to go, our 2020 Campaign activities have included making phone calls, writing postcards, creating Retiree Bulletins, Retiree Council Action Alerts, and social media activity.

Campaign Schools were conducted for the six Area Council and one for the State Retiree Council.  Many retirees participated, some more than once, in all of these Schools.  The Campaign Schools focused on messaging and connecting your personal story to current issues, how to spot and stop disinformation, and social media tools.

Postcards have been written to 7000 retired union members across Minnesota by over 120 retirees, and by now, likely already received.  The cards reminded voters that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are on the ballot.  Also, given was the web address – MNVOTES.org – for voters to check their registration and request their absentee ballot. 

Phone calls have made by State Retiree Council volunteers since early in 2020.  First, activists (several hundred people on the Council Board or attendees of Council activities) were called to talk about (1) voting from home, (2) signing up for the Retiree Bulletin, MN AFL-CIO updates and alerts, and text messages during the campaign, and (3) determine what volunteer activity they would like to do for Labor 2020.

Second, volunteers called people who receive the Retiree Bulletin by US mail or by email – probably nearly 1000 people.  Besides updating addresses and other contact information, callers had the three conversations as in the paragraph above.

Third, a Council team phoned most of our affiliated retiree groups.  They gathered information about the activities of the retiree groups, their plans for campaigning including registering voters getting information to members, and getting members out to vote. 

Currently, union retirees across Minnesota are assisting with area council, union, and retiree phonebanks to other union members and union retirees.  These phonebanks will continue through November 3 to be sure union members and retirees are aware of the labor-endorsed candidates and have a plan to vote.

Communications.  Ongoing activities have been directed to Labor 2020 activities, for example, posting on our Facebook page, this Retiree Bulletin as well as August’s and on our Website, mnretired.org, an Election page “How to Win in 2020” has been added with links to voting information and MN AFL-CIO election sites.  Starting after Labor Day, we have sent weekly “Action Alert” emails to our electronic Retiree Bulletin list. Subjects covered so far have been Trump’s lies about Voting Fraud, Social Security & Medicare, the USPS, Law and Order and the Economy.  Retirees are also part of the MN AFL-CIO digital ad campaigns, the largest such campaign in MN AFL-CIO history.  And we are part of the GOTV texting effort.  Lots going on!!





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