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Retiree Labor 2022 Goals and Programs

By Carol Freeman, Election Work Coordinator


Over twenty (20) retirees met in November to plan for the Retiree Labor 2022 Program.  With Precinct Caucuses on February 1, MN AFL-CIO candidate endorsements, and the November 8 mid-term Election, 2022 will be busy with selecting the best people for state and national offices and then working the Labor 2022 program to get the union retiree vote out for those candidates.    We need to start early and all of you can help.


Retiree Labor 2022 Goals:

  1. Connecting with as many retirees as we can using several methods: newsletter (email and US mail), phone, letters, cards, and emails.

  2. Educate and inform Minnesota union retirees and friends about importance of the 2022 elections.

  3. Grow the number of union retiree volunteers.

  4. Partner with other union retiree groups and other groups sharing retiree interests.


Retiree Labor 2022 Programs:

  1. Develop our Issues Platform:  Louise Sundin, Retiree Council Vice President will lead a group including Ken McInnis, Leif Grina, Mike Landers, Carol Freeman, and Michael Madden.  They are developing the issues to be part of the State Retiree Council Platform for 2022.  The Platform will be the focus of retiree activity during the 2022 state legislative session, during the process of endorsement of candidates, and for educating retirees about election priorities.


  1. Communications to Minnesota Union Retirees:  The State Retiree Council newsletter was rated by 2021 State Retiree Convention attendees as the most important way to communicate with retirees. Martha Johnson, State Retiree Council Communication Committee Chair, will lead a group including Dan Mikel, Mike Nelson, Bruce Yernberg, and Myrna Doran.  Communication efforts will go beyond the Retiree Bulletin which is a key to educating and informing retirees about the importance of the 2022 elections.


  1. The Organizing Committee, led by Leif Grina, Minneapolis Regional Retiree Council President, with assistance of Bill Moore, former Retiree Council President, will build a program for accomplishing the Retiree Labor 2022 Goals.  The first initiative is the Each Once, Bring Five Program.  All retirees are asked to identify five people (union members, friends, or relatives) who they will contact and try to involve with the Retiree Labor 2022 Program, especially voting.  The plan is that everyone will have identified five (5) or more people by the end of August.


  1. Post Cards and Letters Committee:  Lois Wendt, Corresponding Secretary of the State Retiree Council, will lead the effort to decide who will receive targeted cards and letters with directed messages.


This is just a start for the Retiree Labor 2022 goals and programs.  We will continue to let everyone know what activities will need your help.

Please send any feedback and your willingness to help to:

Carol Freeman,

Election Work Coordinator, State Retiree Council


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