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Southeast  Minnesota Area Labor Council, Retirees

April 13, 2023 Minutes

We are scheduled to meet the 2nd Thursday of each month at 1:00 PM in the very comfortable Board Room of      Pier 55.  The address is 240 Harrison St, Red Wing, MN 55066.  Lots of parking and no stairs. 
ext meeting May   11.

Friends are always welcome … bring one


Today’s meeting started at 1:00 PM.  It was chaired by Michael Murphy.

The following people were in attendance:

Michael Murphy, Facilitator

Bob Everett   

Wendy Everett (winner of door prize)

Leah Midgarten, President SEMNALC

Nancy Thorson, (winner of door prize)

Peter Jacobs

Bruce Yernberg, Recorder, 651-388-9309

Marianne Yernberg

Tom Huiting

Jeff Bilyeu  

Arlene Roth

Teresa Maples, (winner of door prize)


Handouts provided:

  • Acknowledgment from Carol Freeman

  • 2022 SEMNALC Sr. Activities Summary

  • ARA Fact Sheet SS Positive Outlook

  • Postcards “NO CUTS” SS

  • Today’s Agenda


The Pledge was led by Michael Murphy.


SEMNALC President Leah Midgarden gave an informative overview of the activities the SEALC is involved with.  Another union decertification at Mayo is being organized against an AFSCME group of 200 in Mankato.  Because of the conservative anti-tax group in Winona, the government condemned public elementary school is not being updated.  She askes that we retirees be at the ready to assist as needed.  Sister Leah reported that “Captive Audience Meetings” are likely to be illegal in Minnesota thanks to our DFL Legislators.  Sister Leah encouraged thoughts about potential labor candidates for our future.  Some unions, the DFL as well as the State AFL-CIO are sponsoring election candidate training.  The success rate of winning is phenomenal after the training.


Bruce Yernberg (651-388-9309) handed out prepared pre-stamped postcards that say in no certain terms to MN CD-1 Congressman “Bad” Brad Finstad not to cut Social Security.  A suggested message was included.  The post cards were provided by the National Alliance for Retired Americans.  Finstad has a 100% voting record against seniors.  Let me know if you want to send a post card to Congressman Finstad expressing your thoughts.  Call Bruce Yernberg at 651-388-9309 for postcards.


Save the Dates! Food, Fun, and Progressive Fellowship follows below.


Saturday May 6th Art Auction - political themes

10AM-4PM Guy Williams’ “A Lifetime of Work”

602 West Ave, Red Wing, MN


Saturday May 6th.  MN State Retiree Council


18th Annual Fun(d) Raiser …   always fun

3-7 PM, Sheet Metal Workers Local 10 Hall

1681 Cope Ave, Maplewood, MN


Saturday May 6th.  Humphrey-Mondale Dinner

6 PM start, Minneapolis Convention Center


Sunday May 7th, Annual Goodhue County DFL

Potluck Picnic

All day - Covered Bridge Park in Zumbrota, MN

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