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The Difference an Election Makes


By Carol Freeman, Election Work Coordinator,  612-250-7294


We helped elect DFL majorities in the Minnesota Senate, Minnesota House, and in the Governor’s Office – a trifecta of Democrats in control of the three legislative branches of

Minnesota government. Here we have comments from the Governor’s State of the State address that highlight some of the results of delivering the trifecta:


“Three months into our second term, I’m proud to report that the state of our state is strong, and it’s getting stronger with every investment we make in our people and the futures they’re working so hard to build.”

News media picked out highlights from the Governor’s Address:

• “We’re drawing a roadmap for 49 other states by doing whatever it takes to be a state that works – for everyone.”

“Our Child Tax Credit would put billions of dollars in the pockets of parents struggling to make ends meet. If we got that done and nothing else, we’d reduce child poverty in Minnesota by 25%”

• “Fifty years after the Minnesota Miracle, we have another chance to be America’s North Star. We have an opportunity to carve out a corner of our country where no child is left hungry, no community is left behind, and nobody gets told they don’t belong.”

• “Together, we’re not just showing the people of our state that we’re capable of delivering on our promises. We’re showing the American people just how much promise is contained in the progressive vision shared by so many.”

The Governor’s Address concluded with:  “There’s lots more in our plan – an increase in local government aid, funding to replace lead pipes across the state and rebuild aging roads and bridges, tax credits for people to buy electric vehicles. We’ve got a real opportunity here to improve our infrastructure and grow our economy, and we’re going to create a lot of new jobs in the process.  Oh, and by the way? Those are going to be good-paying union jobs, because Minnesota is a labor state and we’re always going to be a labor state.”


“We have the resources. We have a shared vision. And for the first time in half a century, we have the political will to get this done.”  


We have the statement from Minnesota AFL-CIO President Bernie Burnham made in response to Governor Walz’s State of the State Address:

“As we head into the final weeks of the Legislative session, Governor Walz and all working people already have much to be proud of and even more to look forward towards as we build a stronger and more just Minnesota for everyone, with no exceptions.

“At a time when other states are taking away freedoms, dividing working people, and making it harder to vote, Governor Walz and the pro-worker majority in the Legislature are investing in schools, infrastructure, and public services while expanding union, reproductive, and voting rights.

“In the next six weeks, we look forward to legislation that establishes a paid family & medical leave program, expands labor protections, and a more just tax system where everyone pays their fair share so we can make long-term investments in schools, transportation, and ensuring a dignified retirement for everyone.

“As we see the results of this historic session in the coming months and years, Minnesota will once again be the national model of a state that works for everyone – no matter what we look like, who we call family, where we live, or where we work.” 


There is currently much activity going on in committees at the legislature.  Our labor organizations are asking us to contact our elected officials to support or reject pieces of legislation.  Be sure to make your views known whenever you can.

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