Freedom has a responsibility – Register and Vote!

By President Ken McInnis

That right is so important it appears as one of the “Rights” bestowed by citizenship according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services when they enumerate many rights to those applying to become U.S. citizens. Their flier  here  reads the “Right to Vote in Elections for public office”.  Along with that right comes a Responsibility - “Participate in the democratic process” In other words - VOTE!

By the time you receive this Retiree Bulletin  many of you will have already cast your VOTE in Minnesota’s Primary Elections. If not, there is still time to VOTE by mail from the safety of your home if you have your ballot.  Instructions and additional options for voting in the 8-11 primary are detailed here.

Some of our best Friends who are AFL-CIO Endorsed have Primary Election opponents. Senator Tina Smith, Representatives Angie Craig and Ilhan Omar and others. They deserve our VOTE! They are the candidates who workers have chosen to rally behind because they have shown continued support for workers and for senior’s right to dignity and respect in our retirement.


Please fulfill your responsibility. Take the time to VOTE in the Primary Election and preferably for those AFL-CIO endorsed candidates listed  here.

Early voting in the General Election begins September 18, 2020. Less than fifty (50) days after you receive this Retiree Bulletin you will be eligible to cast your VOTE for any number of “public offices” including the office of the President of the United States. Our hope is you have taken your responsibility seriously and really know which candidates support your right to continued dignity and respect in your retirement. The AFL-CIO has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden as Labor’s choice for President. We hope you will follow that endorsement with your VOTE!

As secret police attack and detain citizens who are exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech and to peacefully assemble, as described  here  .  It's  important to point out that these directives come from the current administration. An administration that, along with the majority in the U.S. Senate, continue to attack your ability to live your retirement with respect and dignity.

Will our country continue a march towards more authoritarian forms of oppression? Voter suppression on a major scale in numerous states is continuing. Vote by mail is an issue we support! We successfully passed a resolution of support and expansion of vote by mail through the Minnesota AFL-CIO. Opponents continually attack it with no proof of fraud provided by the accusers! The opponents would rather see you forced to risk your life in the COVID-19 world for your right to VOTE! Are death squads to eliminate opponents like those in other authoritarian countries the next expansion in the administration’s quest to stay in office?

The current U.S. Senate version of the next COVID-19 related stimulus package contains the TRUST Act. Beware the only “trust” that is contained therein is turning over Congress’s responsibility to a small panel and allowing that panel to fast track cuts to Social Security and Medicare through Congress with an up or down vote. No discussion. No hearing to find out what citizens want included or excluded from the bill. Just an up or down vote so all can hide from scrutiny. See the post by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare here.  Scary to say the least!

Time to take our responsibility seriously and VOTE!