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By President Ken McInnis


If you have cast your ballot through early voting in person or via absentee ballot, THANK YOU!! If you have your absentee ballot and have not mailed it yet I would urge you to complete it and send it as soon as possible.

If your plan for voting is to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, please be safe. Don’t be intimidated by the “poll watchers” (aka known as mercenary militia) who may appear outside your voting place. Only one challenger (poll watcher) per major political party is allowed inside the polling place and must be designated in writing by the political party on whose behalf they are there to poll watch. Any attempt to intimidate a voter should be reported immediately.

All of us want a fair and open election in which to cast our ballot free from external interference. Secretary of State Steve Simon in a recent discussion of Minnesota Law regarding polling places on CNN said:

“I explained that in Minnesota, our laws place specific limits on "challengers" in the polling place. Each major political party is entitled to send only one person to each polling place, and only by written designation. Once there, a challenger may not speak to a voter - or even get within six feet of a voter. Most critically, any challenge to a voter's eligibility must be based on "personal knowledge" - not a hunch or a feeling or a question.

Voters have a right to be left alone, to be free of intimidation, and to cast their votes in an atmosphere of calm. I will make sure that Minnesota's strict laws on "challengers" are fully enforced in November." 

If you are retired or soon to be retired this election has many things on the ballot through what the candidates’ positions are on issues that are of importance to us, along with insuring the ability of our children and grandchildren to be able to retire with dignity and respect. I probably don’t need to reiterate all of the issues but I want you to remember the most important to a majority of retirees as you decide for whom to vote.

For most of us Social Security has kept us from poverty status, yet the current administration has plans to privatize it or outright destroy it. Here’s links to articles which confirm that: 



Biden/Harris - President, Tina Smith – US Senate and use this link to help you find who is Labor Endorsed in your area.

Freedom has a Responsibility – Register and Vote!




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