Voting During A Pandemic











MN Representative 21-A Barb Haley

Regarding:  Vote -by- Mail


Dear Madam:


I write to encourage you to support any bill in the Minnesota Legislature that would allow vote-by-mail during periods of infectious disease outbreaks. 


Your district 21-A includes many seniors.  Your web site indicates 28% (60 & above) of us are seniors.  I am a senior with a compromised immune system due to complications from Agent Orange.  During the Fall I find it difficult to early vote.  Many of my peers have immune system deficiencies and other physical problems just because of advancing age.  I used to be an election judge but I don’t do that anymore because of close human proximity at the polling place. 


As you know certain geographical areas of Minnesota have vote-by-mail.  There doesn’t seem to be any problem with voter harvesting in those areas because of prepaid postage.  For that matter I have never heard of any fraud.


I have been told the vote-by-mail areas in Minnesota are represented by republicans who are elected by voters favoring the rightous traditions of the Republicans.  Additionally one would think Republicans would favor vote-by- mail as a way to go because of its cost saving due to the elimination of most polling places and election judges.  Jeepers MS Haley, 5 states currently have vote-by-mail … three are Republican.


I seriously doubt MN GOP Chair Madam Carnahan would primary you if you broke ranks with the Party.  Sometimes she thinks her job is to disagree with anything the other party says.  She apparently knows nothing about leadership.  People in the know think you are a rising star.


We are better than the Wisconsin debacle.


Respectfully,  Bruce Yernberg  

Retiree Council Board Member Bruce Yernberg began an initiative encouraging retirees to write Letters to the Editor in their communities before the pandemic hit us full force.  He has picked up the work again around the issue of Voting by Mail. 


If you would like to write a letter or help Bruce with this project, you can email him at  Here is a letter Bruce sent to his own Representative on this issue.