Voting Rights

 An Opinion by Bruce Yernberg


The purpose of today’s right wing political public relations firms is to manipulate voters into making irrational decisions against their own interests.  

First is their efforts is to promote the election of candidates who stand for nothing that would move the majority of us forward in any way.  They stand for nothing for others, only to take away from others or to gain for themselves.   An unfortunate example is the election of Trump.  He stood only for the promotion of his own wealth and power and that of people similarly situated.  Second in their plan is to have the irrational politicians they elect pass restrictive voting laws, restricting the freedom to vote by eliminating voting locations and drop-in ballot boxes for mail ballots and by creating other mail ballot restrictions and imposing voter ID requirements. That alone assures nothing for others.  And third is to take over public education, removing books from schools, controlling curriculum on history and sex education, thereby promoting and securing the privilege of the few forever.

In Minnesota some conservative Legislators have achieved one and are working on two and three.

Personally I believe our freedoms have collapsed.  Freedom today is concentrated inside a small walled circle of the privileged; the rest of us live among the manipulated.

At a recent Labor event last year I filled out a survey on what was important to me.  My number one concern was “climate change”.  I am guilty of contributing to climate change.  I am a hypocrite.  I have changed my mind today and believe voting rights is my number one concern.  More than 25 States have restrictive voting rights and more on the way.  Labor must not forget organizing and/or gaining political influence.  But for the immediate future we must concentrate on voting rights.

Labor must significantly increase our efforts in creating an environment where voting is again a right and not just a privilege of the right.  Educated members are not irrational.  We will likely need the help of progressive (if out there) public relation firms because Labors’ ideas on how to do things could use a little refreshing.