The shocking video of the murder of George Floyd has shaken our

pandemic-stressed world like an earthquake.  Our hearts go out to

George Floyd's family and to the

entire black community.  The demonstrations since have been huge and remarkably diverse across this country and the world.  The family of labor has expressed it's commitment

to continue the fight against racism.  See AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka's statement here. This is a painful but hopeful moment in history that could move us ahead to unity across race and religion and other factors used to divide those of us who really have so much in common.  WE CAN JOIN TOGETHER!



CONVENTIONS/CONFERENCES. Even-numbered years there is a full convention with resolution consideration, reports and speakers.  Odd numbered years there is a conference – 2019 the theme is “20/20: Eyes On The Election”, also with election of Officers and Board members. 

ANNUAL FUNDRAISER.  Every year major work goes into the Annual Fundraiser.  This features raffles, silent auctions, free food and music, and lots of fun.  The funds raised are essential to continue basic functions and do election campaign work.  

ELECTION CAMPAIGN WORK.  Each election cycle the Retiree Council participates in the Labor program of the Minnesota AFL-CIO.  Labor 2018 was the best retiree effort yet under the leadership of Election Work Coordinator Carol Freeman.  Retirees excelled in phone-banking, door-knocking, post card writing, attending training and conferences and did more than our share.   

COMMUNICATIONS WORK.  To keep union retirees informed, the Council puts out bi-monthly newsletters, both print and email versions, keeps a Facebook and Website page and produces videos on important subjects.  The last 2 years, workshops to train retirees in social media use which is crucial in election activity have been held with the Labor Education Service.

MONTHLY BOARD MEETINGS.  Tying things all together, keeping up enthusiasm and camaraderie, are 10 “monthly” meetings with varying mix of speakers, committee reports, pleas for volunteers and issue discussions and decisions.  Attendance is always impressive.  




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