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The major issues for seniors have remained much the same since our 1997 founding.  At the “2020: Eyes on the Election” Conference in September 2019, delegates identified the following seven issues to be most important:

  1. Health care costs

  2. Pension security

  3. Social Security

  4. Medicare

  5. Health care access and quality

  6. Medicaid

  7. The 2020 Census.

We work to provide information on issues for seniors in a number of ways.  Recently we created short videos linked below on three important issues.

Strategies for Saving Social Security (3:06 minutes) explains how we can strengthen the hugely successful program and make sure it will be there for future generations.

Medicare & Medicaid: Perils & Promises (2:25 minutes) suggests how the financial outlook for Medicare and Medicaid can be improved by taking full control of them back from the hands of profit-taking insurance companies.

There are videos on a variety of issues in our You Tube offerings.  Find those at  

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