Righteous Anger...

Always a struggle to write this column! Not that there isn’t news or issues that are worthy of mention here but more so the fact that are too many of them!

With the insurrectionist-in-chief fanning the flames of division through outright deceit, playing to his white supremacist base, making threats that violate the US Constitution, we find ourselves in danger on numerous fronts.

Tear gassing peaceful protesters to make way for a photo op at a church, sacred ground, holding a bible I’m sure he’s never opened, to play to his “christian” base. You know, the ones who ignore the words of Jesus Christ in the Beatitudes and His command to “Love one another as I have loved you”.

COVID-19 requires us seniors to STAY HOME if we want to continue to exist on this earth. Our authoritarian leader proposes funding cuts for the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control while blowing smoke about a vaccine that may never work on the virus because it mutates rapidly. If only we would have heeded those warnings back in December of 2019, we may have saved tens of thousands of lives. And there’s still no adequate supplies of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for our front-line workers!

But the socialist rich want capitalism to work for them while we pay for their profits, many of the largest stealing the stimulus money and paycheck protection funds from the small businesses with the help of the current administration. In order to accomplish that, they’ve pushed to reopen the economy before we’ve secured the spread of the virus so we can risk our lives and the lives of our care givers while they reap the profits!

I’m mad as hell and I hope you are too! If you want to be mad at me go ahead but please don’t expect an apology! If you aren’t already active in trying to change things to protect what we’ve worked for over our lifetimes I would urge you in the strongest terms to get your butt in gear!

Make sure you’ve completed the Census 2020. Send for your absentee ballot for the elections. Don’t wait for the Minnesota Senate obstructionists to agree to Vote by Mail. Apprise yourself of the candidates and their voting records, especially how they support you as a senior. Please pay attention to the endorsements made by the Minnesota AFL-CIO when considering a candidate.

And VOTE like your life depends on it because it does!

In Solidarity, Ken McInnis, President