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Bruce Yernberg’s sample LTE on rent assistance


Like many living in ______________and its surrounds, I unfortunately find my wife and I are old enough to attempt to age in place.  We planned for retirement and looked forward to it.  In retirement we worry about whether we can stay retired.

Retirees struggled to survive the pandemic.  We struggle to find ways to pay our property taxes.  We struggle to pay for needed medicines.  Some retirees struggle to eat. 

Seniors are becoming the fastest growing group of the homeless.  Many seniors are couch-hopping among their kids taking care of their children’s children just to find a place to sleep.

Currently there are two bills floating around being reviewed by our state legislators.  House File 40 and Senate File 333 would continue a past state effort that helps low-income retirees pay rent.  Other senior barriers like social isolation and home accessibility must be addressed by our legislators to overcome the challenges facing retirees.

It’s election time.  Ask your legislator to support HF 40 and SF 333.  Ask them what they are doing to help seniors age with dignity.  Demand a specific answer.


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Suggested rental assistance wording from Minneapolis Regional Retiree Council:

Ending rental assistance for senior citizens still struggling through the pandemic and rising rents is a bad idea.  Seniors are the fastest-growing group experiencing homelessness.  We don’t need more seniors on the street.  Please support HF 40 and Senate file #333


Wording from Retiree Council Precinct Resolutions Related to Aging at Home/Volunteer Drivers for possible letters:


*State Laws Affecting Volunteer Drivers

The Minnesota Legislature needs to clarify laws affecting volunteer drivers and organizations that provide volunteer driver programs to ensure the availability, accessibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness of senior transportation services.  These transportation services are important for seniors to be able to age without being forced to move from their own homes.

Minnesota bills bf HF 586 (House)ebf  and bfSF748 (Senate)ebf clarify state law with respect to insurance coverage for volunteer drivers.   They should be supported and passed. Additionally, Minnesota bills bf HF991 (House) ebf and bf SF961 (Senate) ebf that exclude taxation on cost reimbursements for volunteer drivers should also be supported and passed.

We need to clear all obstacles interfering with volunteer drivers who are willing to help our senior citizens.  Contact your legislators now.   

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