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Southeast MN Area Labor

Council (SEMNALC) Retiree Club (RC)

May 2022        Issue 2 – 22

I am positively enthused to share with you all that on Tuesday April 5, four of us met to discuss possibilities for winning a progressive future for retirees and our families. 

Pommella Wegmann, President of the SEMNALC; Carol Freeman, currently holding the title of MN State Retiree Council Labor 2022 Retiree Coordinator and longtime Red Wing progressive activist Michael Murphy (recently retired) as well as myself met to discuss the future goals for retirees in SE MN.

Pommella made it very clear that her goal as leader of the SEMNALC is to support seniors in their political activities everyway she can.  First, she will see that Retiree Club monthly meetings are held at the Red Wing Labor Temple the 2nd  Thursday of each month at 2 PM. 

Our Kick-Off Retiree Club Meeting

Thursday May 12, 2022 at 2 PM

Location: Red Wing Labor Temple

319 ½ West 3rd St.  Red Wing, MN  (Its upstairs)

Refreshments will be served.


New RC members are Wendy and Bob Everett.  Michael Murphy has also joined recently so our band of geriatric geniuses is growing.  We have names of others who will be contacted.  Members listed below:


Advisor: Pommella Wegmann, President of the SEMNALC, AFL-CIO. 

Bruce (RC Pres.) & Marianne       Red Wing       

Arlene (VP) and Jerry Roth           rural Red Wing

Jean Roth   Treasurer                    Zumbrota

MaryBeth Bakeburg  At Large     Pine Island

Teresa Maples   Trustee               Red Wing

Nancy Thorson  Trustee               Red Wing

Don Broskoff  At Large                 Dodge Center

Tom Huiting    At Large                 Rochester

Burt and Muriel Gavin-At Large-So. Hastings

Peggy Kreber  At Large                 No. Mankato

Michael Murphy                            Red Wing

Bob and Wendy Everett               Red Wing


The SEMNALC includes 16 MN counties.  There will likely be a retiree group in Rochester as well as Mankato.  It is possible the “Red Wing Branch” can become more geographically focused.


In past years we did pretty good with door knocking.  We did average in phone work; though some say we didn’t do so good.  We really excelled writing post cards.


We are older now and our knees are not what they used to be.  The phones interfere with our hearing aids and our arthritic fingers are slower with the pen.  But hey, our eyes sparkle and we are still doing righteous work … slightly slower


As progressives we are supported by facts.  Our age has gifted us with many relationships.  Yes, I know some of them are Republicans.  I recently mentioned to someone who believes we are not capable as retirees to effect change.  They are wrong!  We are geriatric geniuses.  We know how to engage.


Please try to attend the May 12th get-together.  It will be a time to renew friendships.  I don’t know what the mask protocol will be.  I will be wearing mine.  And I will have extras if needed.  There should be enough room to separate if we choose to.




Bruce Yernberg

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