*BIDEN CABINET ALMOST COMPLETE.  Twenty-one of President Biden's twenty-three Cabinet nominees have been approved by the Senate as of 3-22 which marked the confirmation of Marty Walsh as Labor Secretary, the first union member to hold that position.  Biden's focus has remained on the coronavirus pandemic with the distribtuion of vaccine and the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act being top priorities now well underway or completed.  Biden's goal of 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days will be easily exceeded.  Good work!


*CORONAVIRUS --Vaccinations have become much easier to access in Minnesota and around the country in recent weeks.  As of 3-21-22, 78.6% of Minnesotans 65+ have had at least one shot.  However, the spread of variants is disturbing.  Even so, considerable "opening up" is going on and more small group socializing will be allowed for those who have passed two weeks beyond being fully vaccinated. 





The Minnesota State Retiree Council, AFL-CIO, seeks a good life for all in retirement. Retirees shall have affordable and accessible quality housing and health care.


Retirement income shall be sufficient for 'bread and roses, too'.


Retirees should be free from worry, fear, or want; this is a right for all and our legacy.

To this end, we organize ourselves and others to remain engaged, to attain respect and recognition of the years of experience we have, and to achieve power to realize our vision.