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State Retiree Council Election Work From “Now to November 2024”


By Carol Freeman, State Retiree Council Election Work Coordinator


Twenty Retiree Council members made up the Planning Committee that met July 26, 2023, and identified some work to do from “Now to November 2024.” The top goal identified is to educate union retirees on what happened in 2023 at the state and federal levels that benefits workers. “We have a good story to tell, including on retiree issues, and we have a lot to be proud of.”


We will present a plan to the attendees of the September 27, 2023, State Retiree Council Conference. The Conference can give feedback and adopt a plan for “Now to November 2024.”


The Planning Committee proposes these goals:

  1. Connect with as many union retirees (and family and friends) as we can using several methods – or a “conglomeration of methods:”  newsletters (email and mail), phones, letters, cards, and emails.

  2. Educate retired union members and friends on the issues, especially the accomplishments of the 2023 Legislative Session.

  3. Grow the membership and activism of the State Retiree Council and area councils and union retiree groups.

  4. Engage many union retirees in all of the Campaign 2024 activity.

  5. Identify union retirees and friends and family who will help accomplish the goals.  “We are the ones that need to do the work.”


Educate retired union members and friends on the issues, especially the accomplishments of the 2023 Legislative Session, and other state and federal issues. This can be done through:

  1. Gathering the information we need from lobbyists and others who are analyzing the outcomes of the 2023 Legislative Session. Included will be issues that will be brought to the next legislative session. This will include partners and allies such as AARP Minnesota, Living at Home Network, and Elder Voice Family Advocates.

  2. Programs at meetings of union members (or on zoom).

Articles in the Retiree Bulletin – encourage those who receive it to pass it on to others.

  1. Encourage participation in the MN AFL-CIO programs and other union programs which educate us on the important issues.

  2. Prepare presentations to offer over ZOOM Town Halls or at meetings across the state.

  3. Utilize our Facebook page to distribute information including through videos of our members.

  4. Attend the summer picnics held by union retiree groups and unions.


Grow the numbers who receive the Retiree Bulletin because the Retiree Bulletin helps educate and activate retired union members.

  1. Call all the members who receive the Retiree Bulletin.

  2. Encourage retirees to assist Martha Johnson in developing the Retiree Bulletin.

  3. Work with union retiree groups around the state to add their members to the Retiree Bulletin list.


Create an active Letters to the Editor Committee (includes ideas submitted by Bruce Yernberg – a prolific LTE submitter) which will:

  1. Develop a list of newspapers/addresses/editor names.

  2. Develop a list of issues.

  3. ID potential writers who are not afraid to use their names and have them develop relationships with editors.

  4. Training/tutoring of LTE writers. 

  5. Visit ALCs and RLFs and Unions and encourage LTE writers.


Create detailed plans for Election 2024 later – in early 2024.  These plans will include:

  1. Committee for Post Cards and Letters

  2. Committee for Union Retirees Issues Platform for 2024

  3. Committee to Organize Phonebanks

  4. Committee to Organize Doorknocks

  5. Committee to Coordinate Labor 2024 Activities Across Unions.


The next meeting of the “Now to November 2024” Planning Committee will be on August 23, 2023, at 9 a.m. All are welcome.

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