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Whereas, if a person is placed in a publicly funded nursing home or assisted care facility, all of their

assets will be seized to pay for the cost of care.

And whereas, if they have transferred their assets to another person in the past 5 years, those assets will eventually be “clawed back” to pay for the cost of care (and people who purposefully transfer assets to avoid this are prosecuted).

And whereas Long Term Care Insurance policies available from corporations have increasingly become impossible for lower and middle-income people to afford.

And whereas currently the only way to avoid this problem is to set up an Irrevocable Trust (which costs several thousands of dollars, is available only to well-to-do people with access to a lawyer, and risks loss of control of the assets)

Therefore, be it resolved that Minnesota implement a Long-Term Care and Supports system as detailed in the report entitled “The Own Your Future LTSS Funding and Services Initiative: Recommendations and Findings Report” (October 2023),

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