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This is one of the letters Bruce Yernberg wrote and distributed to those who might be interested in to modify or send as is to send to their own papers. It was published in the Rochester Post Bulletin.



By Bruce Yernberg, Red Wing

In my past, I had friends who were Republican. They were good people. They told me what and who they liked and I told them back. When the Republicans passed a law, I accepted it. When the Democrats passed a law, my Republican friends accepted it. Both parties cared about people. There was, in those days, “give and take”. Neither conservatives nor liberals embraced compromise, but we all accepted compromise.

On occasion, we even voted for issues/candidates in each other’s party.

Today we tend to blame the extreme de-construction of our democracy by Republicans on Republicans. That is not the case.

A few wealthy media and self-serving extremists have convinced too many good people, who are Republicans, that good change is evil and bad change is good. It is their plan, their purpose. The destruction started before Trump. Trump is but a pawn … dis-graced, peculiar and duped.

I miss my former true Republican friends.

The effort to destroy our U.S. Constitution is led by the few right-wing extreme conservatives who through their paid minions have hijacked the Republican Party seeking forever power.

Don’t forget the conservative effort to destroy Social Security and Medicare is a top priority and is set to play out this January by a few misguided Republican Representatives in Congress.

Over time the Republican Party has become infected with like-thinking extremist leaders and way too many followers.

I want my friends back.

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