* REQUEST YOUR MAIL BALLOT NOW!  The only way to ensure safe voting in the August 11 primary and the November 3 election is to vote by mail from your home.  As part of a law suit settlement, no witness will be required to absentee vote in the primary .  So request your absentee mail ballot today by clicking here.

* As of 6-23-2020, 71.2% of Minnesotans have completed their census form.  Future federal funding and whether we lose a Congressperson will be determined by this census count.  Have you done yours? The on-line form is here.  

* Governor Walz changed the "STAY HOME" order to a "STAY SAFE" order.  "Vulnerable groups" (65 or older or with underlying health conditions) are "urged" to continue to "STAY HOME".  Find details on the COVID dashboard here.

* The MN AFL-CIO's very complete website directs you to answers in this troubled time.  Click here to see it all.


The Minnesota State Retiree Council, AFL-CIO, seeks a good life for all in retirement. Retirees shall have affordable and accessible quality housing and health care.


Retirement income shall be sufficient for 'bread and roses, too'.


Retirees should be free from worry, fear, or want; this is a right for all and our legacy.

To this end, we organize ourselves and others to remain engaged, to attain respect and recognition of the years of experience we have, and to achieve power to realize our vision.




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