Newspaper Fade....

By Board Member Bruce Yernberg

I was feeling kind of blue the other day when I found out our local paper (Red Wing Republican Eagle) was publishing once a week.  It is down from 2, formerly five and before that six.  Then I found out that another paper I subscribe to (Rochester Post Bulletin) was going down to 2 days a week.  Rochester is close to being the 3rd most populated city in Minnesota. 

Now I have been reading newspapers for 63 years.  When I traveled the first thing I did was find and read the local paper(s).  I asked others to bring back papers to me.  When one opens a newspaper, what is displayed is nothing short of inspiring.  You can choose visually.  No clicking involved.  You can sit in your easy chair, cup of coffee by your side, read whatever you choose and no underwear pop-ups.  I suppose my interest in writing Letters -to-Editors is at risk and perhaps the elimination of print editions is destroying my ability to express my views.  OK, nothing like seeing your own words in print.  On-line isn’t the same.

As a senior who is staying home more often than I want I will miss my local/area print papers.

I have looked out into the world to find print papers.  I will subscribe.  But I will miss my local news.

I use my land line phone a lot.  Most retirees are home these days.  I have tried to keep my conversations short and when I get the reputation for doing so … more of you will answer.

Awhile back I showed my 4-year-old granddaughter my camera.  You know the one that uses film.  She didn’t know what it was.  “Papa, where are the pictures”, she asked.  Try to explain what a negative is.

Years ago I used to write a lot of letters.  I have started that up again.   People like getting letters.  It is just another way to communicate. And letters are personal.  Of course some of you don’t have a computer (or a printer that works).  But you can write like the way we used to … with a pencil.  I bought a few imported pencils recently and found out the erasers on the ends smear.  I found when pencils are old erasers don’t work.  Send the smeared ones to Republicans.  They like smear.

I think Martha Johnson (Chief Editor) and her staff are doing a terrific job of publishing the Retiree Bulletin.  The Bulletin is easy to follow and the links are easy to jump into and informative.  She has a cadre of writers we all know.  When you know the writer, it is like they are talking to you in person.