Presidential Primary Voting March 3

This year Minnesota will be one of the 14 states participating in the “Super Tuesday” Presidential Primary being held March 3.  One third of the 1990 Democratic National Convention delegates will be committed to candidates that day. 

Voting will end at 8 pm on March 3.  Many of you may have already voted since absentee/early voting began on January 17, 2020 and will continue through March 2.

For the first time in many years, the Democratic and Republican parties in Minnesota will use the primary election instead of precinct caucuses to determine how the state’s delegates vote at the presidential nominating conventions.  Precinct caucuses are still happening and are still important.  The presidential primary is new to many of us.

Here is how it works.  Early voting locations or mail voting materials can be found by contacting your County Auditor or City Hall.  You can find your normal polling location to vote on March 3 at

Any registered voter may cast a presidential primary ballot.  You can register online or on election day at your polling location.  For registration information, go to

Whether voting early or on election day, you will choose the ballot of the party of your choice and vote for your preferred candidate.  The presidential primary results will determine how the state parties’ delegates vote at the national nominating conventions.  Who the actual delegates are is determined through the party conventions with the starting level of delegate selection being the precinct caucuses.