2020 State Retirees Campaign Plan

by Election Work Coordinator Carol Freeman


All Minnesota State Retirees will help accomplish

the goals of this campaign!


Elect MN AFL-CIO endorsed candidates in targeted areas. 

  1. Increase union retiree registration and turnout.

  2. Increase union retiree activism on union issues and campaign work.

Work together to engage retirees in getting members out to vote.

  1. Increase Solidarity with affiliates and allies


Achieve equality of results for Black people and people of color.

  1. Seek Black union retirees and other union retirees of color to involve in retiree groups and activities.


To accomplish the work needed to achieve these goals, we have organized ourselves like this:

Work Groups and Coordinators:

Phoning Work Group: Carol Freeman, freem013@umn.edu, 612-250-7294

We need as many volunteer phoners as possible to help people register, apply for mail ballots, and get their friends and relatives out to vote.

Affiliates Work Group: Cindy Barnes, buckbee3383@q.com, 612-817-5626

 We need information about affiliates retiree groups campaign work so that retirees work

together to elect people who support what we care about.

Communications Work Group: Martha Johnson, mmbigmurph@gmail.com, 218-820-7901

            Retiree Bulletin:  Martha Johnson

            Website Administration:  Martha Johnson

Email Alerts:  Martha Johnson and Dan Mikel, AliceAndDanMikel@gmail.com,


Facebook: Martha Johnson and Ken McInnis, retirees@mnaflcio.org,

651-227-7647, ext. 121

Texting Election Program: Martha Johnson

Campaign School Work GroupMartha Johnson and Ken McInnis

20 Friends MethodologyBill Moore, litapole@gmail.com, 612-388-2540 and Tom Beer,

doucetbeer@comcast.net, 612-722-3707

 The 20 Friends Project will personally invite each member of the State and Regional Retiree Council boards and other retiree leaders and activists to have regular conversations with 20 of their friends, between now and Nov. 4, about the election and voting. These conversations will include asking our friends to volunteer for phoning, writing postcards, helping with communications and other work to turn out an historic vote for Labor candidates. Beyond recruiting the largest ever retiree volunteer corps for this election, the 20 Friends project aims to construct an enduring network of retiree organizers in Minnesota dedicated to building Labor Power and Justice for All.

Mail (Postcards) Work Group: Lois Wendt, lkwshak@gmail.com, 952-233-8923

            We need many postcard writers, probably writing to retirees in targeted districts.

Diversity and Equity Work Group: Though all groups will work on Goal 4, a coordinator is

needed to put a small group together to do more.


Instructions to Work Groups:   Each Work Group will have a Coordinator.  The Coordinator will recruit members of the Work Group.  The Work Group will develop a detailed plan.  Other union retirees (including those reading this) will help do the work of all the groups. 


         Call or write NOW to volunteer and join us!  WE CAN DO IT!