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State Retirees Labor 2022 Campaign

By Carol Freeman, Election Work Coordinator


The State Retirees Labor 2022 Campaign Committee has had two well-attended meetings.  If anyone reading this would like to join the Campaign Committee, contact Carol Freeman at, 612-250-7294.


The Organizing Committee is contacting all the Board Members of the MN State Retiree Council, AFL-CIO.  When the phone rings, Council members will be ready with answers to these:


Questions about your union and/or union retiree group:

  1. What would you like to see happen in the 2022 campaign?

  2. How is your union preparing for the election?

  3. What’s the role of retirees?

  4. Is there a structure for recruiting and organizing retirees for election work?

  5. Who are the leaders in this effort?

  6. What can you see yourself doing?  And who could help you? 

  7. Have you identified 5 people who will work with you on the 2022 election?

  8. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your union’s plan for organizing retirees for election work?

  9. How does your union’s retiree organization coordinate with the State Retiree Council?

  10. What could the State Retiree Council do to assist your union’s retiree organization with informing and turning our members to vote for labor endorsed candidates?

  11. What could your union’s retiree organization contribute to the work of the State Retiree Council in the coming election?


Some goals of these calls are (1) to identify union retirees who are well-organized and are already contacting their members, and (2) identify union retirees who are not as well organized and make plans for working together.


Expanding our reach, Next Steps

  • Build networks across Minnesota

By bringing retiree groups together which have statewide reach, such as EdMN, AFSCME, and MNA, and developing a plan for identifying union retirees at locations around the state.  One objective is to strengthen area council retiree groups, or to start new retiree groups outside the Twin Cities. 

  • Contact all retirees who receive the Retiree Bulletin to have a conversation about the Bulletin and encourage them to send the Retiree Bulletin on to others.  Encourage them to identify 5 people who will work with them on the 2022 election.  Perhaps ask the questions about their union listed above.

  • Contact volunteers from 2018 and 2020 to have a conversation. Ask them what they would like to see happen in the 2022 campaign. 


The State Retirees Labor 2022 Campaign has begun.  You can help build our reach for winning this coming November 2022 and for continuing involvement and activism into the future.  Contact: Carol Freeman,, 612-250-7294.

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