Where Are They?

By Bruce Yernberg

It was last January when the pandemic “officially” started.  POTUS said not to worry.  It will be over in a couple of days.  It wasn’t and isn’t!   Soon Congress gave trillions of dollars to the richest companies in our country to allegedly help them through the pandemic.  After all, the right leaning Supreme Court had previously given citizen status to these greedy companies.  Remember the phrase the righties espoused? …”corporations are people too”.   We citizen retirees receiving our hard fought and paid for (and hard to hang on to) meager Social Security received $1200.

Fast forward a few months to the execution of George Floyd.  The protesting that followed brought forward a hoard of politicians, community activists and faith leaders.  As I listened to their words of wisdom and encouragement regarding the protests, I got my pencil out.  I computed to the best of my ability what their wages are.  I determined their total wages wouldn’t cover the cost of one corporate jet for one day.  


Nowhere did I notice anyone from the corporate world joining in during any of the calming speeches.

For once the “corporate citizens”, who are in hiding under their gilded desks, should come out from under and take some responsibility.  The business interests have destroyed this country.  Their abuse of the poor trying to do better has created living conditions impossible for many to climb out of.   The 1% gets richer and the rest of us get poorer and sicker.

Our government can no more fix the living conditions we endure.  They have not enough money.  In our pursuit of freedom, we have elected enough politicians who are willing to give the control of our government to the big corporate interests so that it has happened.  From City Councils up to Members of Congress we have given government by the people and allegedly for the people to corporate interests.  Corporations have eaten our lunch…and they don’t spill much.

Greedy corporations own our government.  They have hijacked our freedom.  And now they chip away at our dignity.

Corporations must reverse their appetite for conquering.  Only they can restore what they have robbed us of.  They must step up to the plate.